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The things that have the particular sound - Smack

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Stuff that goes smack

What stuff is it that goes "Smack"?

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# Stuff (click) Why Smack? Real Fun
1My faceThe sound that is made when my step-father gives me the belt00
2thighFour letters: BDSM5.005.00
3my brother's lipsWhen he argues with our parents, he makes an angry noise and his lips go smack4.004.00
4when you throw a burnt waffle at ur momthe smack of hitting her new Botox 1.003.75
5Dat assWhen she bent over and you smack dat ass. 3.223.11
6SlappingWhen you slap someone's face..... *SMACK!*3.002.00
7Some people eatingBecause they have lack of lip control. 4.503.00
8handsthe sound of a persons hand hitting the floor when they fall over...3.303.00
9Angry guy at the pubI've seen guys have some disagreements at the local pub.3.253.25
10Boxing glovesWhen they hit a boxer they go "smack"1.831.17
11A kissA common sound on Valentine's day3.002.13

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