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The things that have the particular sound - Smack

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Stuff that goes smack

What stuff is it that goes "Smack"?

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# Stuff (click) Why Smack? Real Fun
1deez nutslogan im looking at you5.005.00
2Her feet When you sucking her toes and and you lip smacken like its fried chicken wit some hot sauce on it 4.404.40
3Beanos When Logan Paul smacked that fat guy 3.503.50
4Mr smith poop turdbecause he threw it at jon conrads face2.502.50
5When you pull your eyelids outwardsbecause you blinked after you did that5.005.00
6My faceThe sound that is made when my step-father gives me the belt4.503.00
7thighFour letters: BDSM5.005.00
8my brother's lipsWhen he argues with our parents, he makes an angry noise and his lips go smack4.504.50
9when you throw a burnt waffle at ur momthe smack of hitting her new Botox 1.003.75
10Dat assWhen she bent over and you smack dat ass. 3.303.20
11SlappingWhen you slap someone's face..... *SMACK!*3.502.75
12Some people eatingBecause they have lack of lip control. 4.503.00
13handsthe sound of a persons hand hitting the floor when they fall over...3.303.00
14Angry guy at the pubI've seen guys have some disagreements at the local pub.3.603.60
15Boxing glovesWhen they hit a boxer they go "smack"2.441.78
16A kissA common sound on Valentine's day3.002.13

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