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The things that have the particular sound - Ring

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Stuff that goes ring

What stuff is it that goes "Ring"?

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# Stuff (click) Why Ring? Real Fun
1Alarm clockTo alert me to awake from my sleep4.504.50
2DoorbellThe doorbell "rings".3.001.00
3A gongWhen you hit it, it rings3.332.00
4A fire alarmIt rings when it goes off5.002.00
5A triangleIt's an instrument 1.501.50
6bike bellIt makes a high pitch sound5.002.00
7bellthe sound frequences within the metal is similar to that which a sound makes when one releases gas 1.502.50
8Bushdid 9/114.673.00
9My earsWhen a locker door smashes into my forehead, my ears ring. And it really hurts!!!4.002.50
10My ears when Justin Beiber's on the radio The pitch of the noise makes them scream with agony2.673.33
11Bicycle bellAn ordinary bicycle bell goes ring.3.171.89
12Fire alarmWhen the fire alarm at my old school went of there was a loud ringing noise.3.200.80
13An old-fashioned phoneThink of a movie from the fifties.3.442.44

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