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The things that have the particular sound - Crunch

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Stuff that goes crunch

What stuff is it that goes "Crunch"?

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# Stuff (click) Why Crunch? Real Fun
1Cheetos Puffsair holes inside00
2cookieseating it5.003.00
3Ice cream coneWakes me up at 3AM when my wife sneaks one into bed.00
4A corn chipMmm delicious "cruuunnnccch"1.501.00
5LeavesWhen you step on them.2.381.50
6JCB diggerDriving across a gravel path3.333.33
7A biting lollipopIt is very hard so it goes crunchù4.002.67
8my enemysYou know how3.674.00
9crunchy slimeTEACHER: okay now you have to STUDENT: *crunch* TEACHER: and take this2.674.00
10BonesWhen you break them3.501.50
11caterpillars and snailsfrom personal experience3.332.67
12Monkey skullsWhen you eat them3.403.00
13Coco popsJust like a chocolate milkshake only CRUNCHIE4.003.50
14A milkmans kneesBecause they're worn out.4.334.33
15BranchWhen you break it2.602.20
16LettuceWhen you eat it. CRUNCH!2.331.67
17PlasticWhen you step on it CRUUUUNCH!!1.000.50
18RocksWhen you step on them2.251.25
19LeavesWhen you step on them2.751.00
20watermelonwhen u bite it, it makes a crunch2.402.20
21Canwhen you step on it3.603.60
22A gravel driveway Crunches under your feet!2.921.75
23hard cerealWhen you eat it. CRUNCH!!4.333.33
25AppleA crisp crunchy apple.5.003.00
26hard poopwhen you poop it out 2.134.13
27Your faceWhen I punch it 3.204.80
29Hard choclate Take a big bite of it then hear a grumpy crunch!2.252.25
30Weasel Spines"All the little girls and boys, love that wonderful crunching noise..." -Weasel Stomping Day3.253.75
31Broken boneIt's the sound I hear1.671.50
32WrappersWhen you squish them1.502.50
33popcornwhen you munch on it3.092.82
34icewhen you chew or munch on it3.753.25
35AppleWhen you bite into it it makes a crunching noise3.332.00
36leavesdry leaves crunch when you walk in the fall2.331.33
37Stink bugsKill it quick! CRRRUNCH!!!3.003.50
38Orc skullsYou know, when you step on it, it just makes a crumbly CRRRUNCH!!!1.331.67
39Hard CandyWhen you chew it CRUNCH3.673.00
40Crinkled PaperWhen you crinkle it it makes a loud crunching sound3.572.29
41The river CamWhen punting on the Cam, the middle of a stretch of it goes *crunch* because of the gravel at the bottom put down for horses to walk on4.004.00
42NoseWhen you break your nose....... CCCCRRRRUUUUNNNNCCCHHH!!! ! 3.783.56
44baconA great pig-meat taste that also crunchs under pressure.3.504.50
45chips; crackers; granola barsAll taste good&crunch under pressure.2.331.67
46Cold cerealWhen right out of the box then gets crushed.3.173.17
47Dry Cat FoodWhen the cat eats the food you can hear a crunch3.003.00
48ToastWhen you eat it4.504.00
49Car crashWell, when you crash it's like CCCRRRRUUUNNNCCCHHH3.002.00
50BreakfastYou know the sound before the cornflakes get limber and swampy.4.403.40
51SnowWhen I'm crunching through the snow.3.562.33

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