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The things that have the particular sound - Click

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Stuff that goes click

What stuff is it that goes "Click"?

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# Stuff (click) Why Click? Real Fun
1ClockWhen the handle thingy goes back and forth mine makes a click0.000.00
2BombWhen it's counting down, you can hear it. Click!0.000.00
3 horse gallopingcause it do what it is2.003.25
4me navigating this websitemousepad0.500.50
5calculatorbecause is does lol4.333.67
6FingersClicking fingers and thumb together, thus creating the “click” sound5.004.00
7ClockBecause it ticks3.332.00
8When you come up with somethingBecause it sounds like the sound of light bulbs going on 2.004.00
9ShoesHigh Heels and Tap Shoes on hard floors2.001.25
10When I turn off the safety*click BANG*2.451.82
11An annoying person's tongueClick click click drool.1.712.57
12Pickle JarsThey click when the vacume created is released, causing the dent in the metal lid to click back out.2.002.13
13Lexi's jawbecause something happen to her i guess2.332.33
14seat belts"click it or ticket"0.921.33
15My knee.Because it f---ing clicks yo.3.803.40
16Mechanical PencilTo get the lead out.2.131.75
17LockWhen I turn the key the lock goes click2.201.90
18LightswitchWhen you turn the lights on.2.500.50
19DolphinThe dolphin is able to generate sound in the form of clicks and use it for echolocation3.332.22
20MouseMeaning my computer mouse, when I click with it, it goes click2.622.00

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