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Stuff that goes boing

What stuff is it that goes "Boing"?

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# Stuff (click) Why Boing? Real Fun
1Honking a big ole schnozIt just does5.005.00
2KangarooThey go gaboingboing3.005.00
3Nikki's Casted Ankle Crutch HopHopping around on one foot from a wounded ankle goes "boing" 2.502.50
4Rubber BallIt goes "boing" when a rubber ball bounces off something2.003.00
5a cartoon bonerwatching a cartoon, cute girl walks by, and suddenly...boing2.714.00
6springstretch in and out3.171.83
7An elephant on a pogo stickIt goes Boing because pogo sticks contain springs, which are bouncy. There is a limit on how long the pogo stick will last though...1.882.88
8springwhen you push it down4.803.20
9Jim Carrey\'s Twitter accountevery tweet contains #BOING1.501.75
10Tom's computerIt goes boing because he likes to turn it on2.672.17
11A Rubber BandWhen you pull it back a let go you can hear this boing0.430.43
12balls that goes boingnerf type ball about 8-10 inches across that went \2.001.40
13wall protectorsthe funny little spirals behind doors to stop them banging in to the wall. more like boioioi-iiing4.003.00
14a 747The name says it all1.001.25
15Minke whaleIt makes a mysterious underwater "boing" heard for 50 years by marine scientists and naval mariners in the North Pacific Ocean.4.802.80
16Old clockMy grandma's clock goes "boing" every hour2.503.75

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