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The things that have the particular sound - Bang

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Stuff that goes bang

What stuff is it that goes "Bang"?

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# Stuff (click) Why Bang? Real Fun
1GongWhen hit with a mallet, the gong goes "bang"0.000.00
2traincuz whenever u see a train it makes a noise like chuk chuck3.002.00
3shrek opening a door because he opens it really loud2.002.00
4a person that has a gunhe shooted the thing and it goes bangbang3.332.00
5Guy and womenBecause it does3.203.80
6Maxwell's Silver HammerThe Beatles once said so2.671.67
7wardrobe doorwhen i slam it shut3.203.40
8PunctureWhen a nail goes into a wheel4.500.50
9Car doorWhen you close it 3.003.00
10Window When you close it.1.001.00
11A dunny door in a stormIts old its hard and gets pushed hard by the storm wind4.252.75
12LightningThe cracking sound it makes.4.674.00
13BalloonsIf you poke it with a pin1.602.80
14My bicycleWhen I go my fastest and brake the sound barrier0.802.00
15My old TV.The circuits fried, and whacking it with a mallet didn't help...2.504.50
16nucelar bombit explodes2.713.43
17DoorEver noticed the sound when an angry woman closes a door?3.363.00
18Fire crackerThat's what it sounds like4.142.86
19RevolverI've heard it go bang, several times actually4.132.13
20GunNever heard a gun?4.632.38

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