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The things that have the particular sound - Bang

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Stuff that goes bang

What stuff is it that goes "Bang"?

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# Stuff (click) Why Bang? Real Fun
1slam poetrycos its bim bam boom cool00
2Punching a punching bagI punch real hard, just ask my wife1.002.50
3Whatever was there before the Big oneMust have been a hell of a bang but noone to hear it.2.002.50
4bangsay it out loud, i dare you3.674.67
5big dave sitting downbecause the couch blows up4.505.00
6BombBecause they explode3.672.67
7Hungry Pumpkinwhen you hit him with the hammer he goes bang3.004.00
8Phil swift assMike lindell is humping him5.005.00
9My bodySome dude said I have a banging bod1.001.50
10DrumsBangs when struck3.002.00
11Champagne bottleThe champagne bottle burst3.002.80
12GongWhen hit with a mallet, the gong goes "bang"1.381.13
13traincuz whenever u see a train it makes a noise like chuk chuck3.502.50
14shrek opening a door because he opens it really loud3.564.22
15a person that has a gunhe shooted the thing and it goes bangbang3.332.00
16Guy and womenBecause it does3.094.45
17Maxwell's Silver HammerThe Beatles once said so2.671.67
18wardrobe doorwhen i slam it shut3.432.43
19PunctureWhen a nail goes into a wheel4.500.50
20Car doorWhen you close it 3.002.00
21Window When you close it.1.001.00
22A dunny door in a stormIts old its hard and gets pushed hard by the storm wind3.602.40
23LightningThe cracking sound it makes.4.674.00
24BalloonsIf you poke it with a pin1.602.80
25My bicycleWhen I go my fastest and brake the sound barrier1.502.50
26My old TV.The circuits fried, and whacking it with a mallet didn't help...2.674.00
27nucelar bombit explodes3.003.56
28DoorEver noticed the sound when an angry woman closes a door?3.363.00
29Fire crackerThat's what it sounds like4.142.86
30RevolverI've heard it go bang, several times actually3.782.00
31GunNever heard a gun?4.482.33

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